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Local orders (pick up from the graveyard)

If you are picking up at the house they are $65 for any of our stock tombstones and you can order 1 or more.  Allow three days for your order to be complete.


Tombstone Blanks

These are the blanks we use for the Tombstone Workshops and are perfect for creating your tombstones.  24″ x 48″ x 2″ white Styrofoam tombstone blank. Painted flat black on 3 sides with 1/2″ PVC pipe inserts for 3/8″ rebar. Available for pickup only. No shipping. Made to order so please allow 3 days prep time.  $30 each

Davis Graveyard Merch

We have got a new batch of Davis Graveyard shirts for sale.  These are men’s sized t-shirts from small to x-large. (sorry, no plus size shirts this run.) Help support the Davis Graveyard and get yourself one of these limited edition shirts!

Tombstone Accents

Elevate your Halloween decor with our realistic foam tombstone accents. Crafted for an eerie graveyard vibe, these durable pieces add instant spookiness. Perfect for haunted houses and themed parties. Easy to arrange. Shop now and transform your space!

Concrete Skulls

We specialize in logos, merchandise and more. Anyone can create nice graphics but it’s much better to create memorable ones. Contact us by calling, emailing or filling out our form. You will receive a free quote by email within 24 hours.

DG Gothic

Step into a realm where dark allure meets timeless elegance with DG Gothic Decor. Elevate your surroundings with our curated collection of hauntingly beautiful pieces that evoke the mystique of centuries past. From ornate candleholders to intricately designed sculptures, each creation is a testament to craftsmanship and a celebration of the macabre. Explore the intersection of Gothic aesthetics and modern sensibilities, and adorn your space with the enigmatic charm of DG Gothic Deco

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Unveil the mysteries, discover the artistry, and immerse yourself in the world of Davis Graveyard. From captivating props to haunting sculptures, we’re your gateway to all things macabre. Join us on this enchanting journey through the shadows and explore the depths of the haunting arts. Embrace the darkness, embrace the art. Davis Graveyard awaits you.

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