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Our haunted journey

The Davis Graveyard was started in 1996 by husband and wife team, Jeff and Chris Davis, who were passionate about Halloween. They began by creating a small display in their front yard with a few tombstones and skeletons. Over the years, the display grew larger and more elaborate, incorporating new elements such as fog machines, lighting, and sound effects.


As the Davis Graveyard gained popularity, it also became a community event, with friends and neighbors joining in to help with the set-up and operation of the display (DG Crew). The Davis Crew also started a tradition of holding a Halloween party every year, where visitors could come and enjoy the decorations, food, and music.


In 2006, the Davis Graveyard made national news when it was featured on the Travel Channel’s “Halloween’s Most Extreme” show. The show highlighted the unique and creative aspects of the graveyard’s decorations and helped to bring even more attention to the attraction.


Today, the Davis Graveyard is a beloved Halloween destination for locals and visitors alike. The display typically runs from early October through Halloween night and includes a variety of spooky scenes and themes. The Davis Crew continues to work hard to create new and exciting displays each year and to maintain the tradition of community involvement and celebration.

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