Davis Graveyard wins the first Haunted Attraction Association Home Haunter Award


We are very humbled and honored by this award.  Thank you.


Who knew that 30 years ago, when we lived in California and worked on a home haunt with our work friends and family that the path would lead us here.JENPOSTER

First of all we want the thank the Haunted Attraction Association for nominating and choosing us for the first Home Haunter Award from the association.  It has been a very long journey with our great crew and family who have supported us and kept us going and inspired to create something we are all very proud of.  We want to thank the home haunter community who have welcomed us and inspired us through the journey.  We love you all and appreciate your enthusiasm and energy.

We would not be here today with out the family, crew community and people who have supported us.

finalbuildwcrewSpecial thanks to our friends and family that have been so supportive over the years.  Leonard and Jeannie Pickel, from the first HAuNTcon we attended in 2006 until today, you both have always supported our creativity and helped us learn to share it with our haunt family.  To Mike Krausert, the first class we took from his group changed  our creative techniques forever.  Cydney Neil, from Rocky Point Haunted House, seeing her attraction and her attention to detail on every level gave us the drive we needed achieve that in our display. Our local Northwest Haunters Association and West Coast Haunters Convention.

Thanks to many of our vendors that have become friends over the years, Froggy’s Fog (Chris, Tater, Adam and Landon), Minispot Lights (Bert & Kim Zelten), EFX TEK (John Barrowman and Jon Williams), Voice from Hell, the voice of our grave digger (Dick Trehune), Hot Wire Foam Factory, Ghostride Productions, and Smooth-On.

Thanks tTombstone Workshop Studentso the tens of thousands of visitors over the years, the hundreds of students who have taken our classes, and our local community (City of Milwaukie, Clackamas County).

None of this would be possible without the AMAZING (and always entertaining) Davis Graveyard Crew past and present. IMG_1426

Jennifer TenBarge,Tony TenBarge, Chris Reid, Daniel Sharp, Elyssa Thelin, Dawn Reid, Matthew Rinker, Lisa Gunion-Rinker, Amimee Danielson-Germany, and Jason Germany.

Thanks again to everyone.  Happy Haunting!




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