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Help Us Out

Davis Graveyard submitted a project to Instuctables.

As you know, we love sharing what we do and showing you all how to make your own props. We submitted our chapel build to Instructables. Please help us out by liking and sharing this project.

Happy Halloween

The weather looks clear so the props and effects will be out tonight. The street will be closed tonight to keep everyone visiting the yard safe. We will have lots of dancing, and the dance team will be selling treats and beverages all evening as a fundraiser.

Special Guests tonight!

Zombie and Witches dancing in the graveyard tonight.

Just for Kix zombie kids throughout the evening.

Special guest Bollywood Dreams Entertainment will be here around 7pm and perform a few times. (There is a chance a few of the Davis Graveyard crew will be joining them, we apologize in advance.)

Then the PDX Dancing Witches will be here around 8 pm for one special performance.

See you all tonight. Happy Halloween.

Visitor Parking while at the Davis Graveyard

Please note this map for parking while visiting this weekend and Halloween. Be mindful of our neighbor’s driveways when parking in the adjoining streets. The easiest way to park is to use the parking lots noted on this map and walk up to the graveyard.

Remember the street will be closed again on Halloween so parking in the lots on Johnson Creek is your best option.

We want to keep everyone safe and our neighbors from driving us out of town with pitchforks and torches 🙂

Johnson Creek Parking Map for Davis Graveyard