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Check out the Pictures

We finally updated the Photo Galleries on this page. A BIG thank you to Scott Tice for all the fantastic pictures from 2020 and 2021. 2019 (more to come) are from Daniel Sharp, Judi Lambert, and myself. Thanks to everyone over the years that have taken pictures of the Davis Graveyard and made us look so good.

2021, 2020, and 2019

Happy Holidays to everyone.

This tombstone is called The Keyhole, the light in the keyhole changes colors and then goes black. Thank you Daniel for making this one.

Last Performance 2021

We will run (most) of the effects on Friday, November 5th from dusk until about 9 pm. Come by for one last view of the display before we take it down Saturday am.

How do I get to go back behind the fence?

That is probably one of the most frequently asked questions here at the graveyard. We usually have some funny answers, which are just ways of saying “no”. Sorry guys.

But, wait for a second, we are giving you a rare opportunity to not only get to see behind the scenes but get to have drinks, snacks, a creepy gift bag and chat with the Davis Graveyard crew. Saturday, October 23rd, tickets are $55 each (21+ only). Put on that costume and come join us for a creepy good time at the DG.

This is a fundraiser, 100% will go directly to Our House, which provides integrated health and housing services to people with HIV.