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News and Events

Summer workshop Schedule

AM = 9am-1pm

PM = 2pm – 6pm

Saturday June 22nd Tombstone Workshops  $45


Saturday July 20th Flying Crank Skeleton Workshop AM $150 limit 12
Build a flying Crank Skeleton using a 6RPM motor from FrightProps, a 4 foot skeleton from Skeleton Store. Build your own wooden frame and detail the prop to look like a floating skeleton ghost torso.  The parts alone for this prop value at over $130.


Saturday July 27th Columns & Fence Workshop All day $80

Build 2 four foot foam textured columns and an 8 foot section of wrought iron textured fence.  The workshop will teach you all the techniques to build your own free standing cemetery fence.

Saturday August 10th Casting Accents AM $30

Cast tombstone accents and rigid foam skulls using our existing molds we have created.  Learn how to cast your own and valuable mold making techniques.

Saturday August 10th Tombstone Workshop PM $45

After you make your own accents you can then make your own Tombstone in the same day.

Saturday August 24th Foam Texturing Techniques and Q&A $40 limit 12 per session

Learn how we texture foam to look like stone, brick, wood, cinder block and other materials.   Ask questions about how we make our stone like props.   Take home some samples.  This workshop is one we present at conventions all over the country.   There is a detailed handout that comes with it.



Saturday September 14th Tombstone Workshops  $45